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Gerard Delsing introduced by Stephen Keeney:

As a long time American colleague of Gerard Delsing, I once opened the back of his van after a day out hunting to find an art populaire cabinet and a strangely appealing piece of modern abstract lighting. I gave him a sideways glance and he shrugged and said he liked them both and then proceeded to fill me in on why they were unusual examples. I had never owned a piece of french art populaire, but I was tempted to make the purchase.

Likewise I have seen him in 40 degree heat run after what he thought was an early milking stool. He has a rare passion and that passion runs from the quirkiest of 17th century objects to the most appealing of 20th century decorative items. No doubt, there is HIS style that imbues them all, but the objects won´t be run of the mill.

The point is that all goods CAN be appealing and in a day when the home decor magazines are changing the mode almost as quickly as the fashion magazines, it's good to have a dealer who possesses that curious merchandise that is not so much from a particular period or style, but that "has" something that will endure a little more time than a passing fad or a well put together room.

Whether you are standing in front of his booth at Battersea, Eurantica or Namur you are certain that each objective will possess something unique. Delsing is a dealer's dealer, which means he is always ready to deal and pass a story- and you can be assured you will find both.